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As you know, it’s expensive to produce a TV show, and it’s really expensive to do it in Key West.

So we’ve listed some ways in which you can help out and have fun.


For instance, we can feature you, your house, your boat, or your dog in a scene… or we can just cash your check and give you a credit!


Give us a call at 917-893-0780 or email us at: 

to discuss the best way for you to appear on Dive Shop.

Thanks for your support!

PATRONS & ANGELS (one season) 

Executive Producer  $5000

Be listed in the show credits as an Executive Producer

Angel Investor  $15,000

Call for details

PERSONAL (one episode) 

Special thanks credit  $200

Be listed in the show credits as a supporter

Walk on – No dialogue  $500

We will feature you or anything you want (within reason) in a scene 

Walk on with dialogue  $1000

You will be featured in a scene with at least one line of dialogue 

Remote walk on with dialogue  $1000

Not in Key West? No problem. Be in a scene via Facetime or Skype 

Producer credit  $1500

Be listed in the show credits as an Associate Producer

COMMERCIAL (two episode) 

Feature your business  $2500

Your business will be featured  prominently in an exterior shot and get special thanks credit

Feature your business w/dialogue  $3000

Your business will be featured prominently and mentioned in the script along with a special thanks credit

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