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Joe MacDougall plays Phil, the dive shop's even-keeled owner on Dive Shop The Show



The even-keeled owner of the shop, a man of few words who is rarely fazed by the antics of his crew as long as they show up for work relatively sober. Despite Phil’s struggles to keep the business afloat and his seeming indifference, he cares for his employees like family and loves running the shop.  Joe was recently praised in the NYT for his work in Tennessee William’s Small Craft Warnings.

Brandon Beach plays Donnie, the pretty boy diving instructor on Dive Shop The Show



One of the shop’s diving instructors. His character is a shallow, self-absorbed pretty boy who hits on numerous women per day to help cover his deep insecurities. Donnie feels particularly challenged by his lesbian co-worker, Devin who scores with more of the shop’s female customers than he does. Brandon’s impressive theater, film, TV resume covers both coasts. 

Michael Caldwell plays Captain Bob, the afraid of the water boat captain on Dive Shop The Show



A nervous, by-the-book kinda guy who enjoys the title of captain more than actually running the boat. The crew suspects he may even be afraid of the water. Michael’s work as a writer, actor, producer has received critical acclaim.

Michael Esposito II plays Luke, the free-spirited Dive Master on Dive Shop The Show



The shop’s Dive Master. Luke is a free spirit whose 

weed-induced disposition keeps him blissfully unaware of any drama or negativity at work or in life. Michael has numerous stage and screen credits both in the US and abroad.

Lee Starling plays Squid, a gritty commercial fisherman on Dive Shop The Show



A gritty commercial spear fisherman who lives by his own rules, Squid uses the shop as home base and can often be seen on the air dock swapping sea stories with the crew. Lee has no formal training as an actor but has been sought after to appear in commercials because – he’s the real deal.

Alaim Majeau plays Brick, a former smuggler-turned-batender on Dive Shop The Show



A former smuggler-turned-bartender, Brick has been laying low in Key West for nearly 40 years. His legendary past, warm smile and generous ear make him the locals favorite confidant. Alain attended the Conservatory of Acting in Montreal but feels he received a far better education as an actor, psychologist and more by actually tending bar in Key West since 1980.

Amber Good plays Brenda, owner Phil's slightly neurotic wife on Shop The Show



Phil’s wife, a slightly neurotic woman with high energy who means well but has a tendency to meddle and control. While this served her well in her former life as a party planner it chafes relations with Phil and the crew when she comes to work at the dive shop. Having grown up in the theater, Amber’s credits for stage, screen and TV are many.

Roxanne Racitano plays Devin, the rough-edged but good hearted lesbian on Dive Shop The Show



A rough-edged but good hearted lesbian. Devin shares scuba instruction duties with Donnie and has little tolerance for his (or anyone else’s) BS. Like Donnie, her smart mouth and promiscuity are distractions from her perceived frailties. Unlike Donnie, she realizes this. Roxanne’s credits include stage, film, TV and stand-up comedy appearances

at NYC's top clubs.

Zuri Washington plays Coral, the ex-stripper turned dive shop employee on Dive Shop The Show



A former stripper who comes to work at the shop. Although Coral exudes sexuality there’s an innocence about her, to the extent that she’s almost accidentally sexy. In addition to her starring roles in Bring It On, Dream Girls and Sister Act, Zuri has appeared on HBO’s High Maintenance.

Mook J plays Diff, an actor with numerous personalties and taxi driver on Dive Shop The Show



An aspiring actor, Diff is a student of the method technique, who constantly embodies different personalities and speaks in various accents (hence the nickname, Diff). He also drives a taxi and has a close relationship with the shop. In addition to numerous theatrical credits, Mook has recorded two albums and worked on both sides of the camera as an actor and producer.

Brett Stoddard plays Buddy, the water taxi driver and perennial screw up on Dive Shop The Show



A perennial screw-up who you can’t help but love. Buddy runs the local water taxi and always has a “story” for why he’s late or missing. Although Brett has no previous acting experience his natural charm and years of waterfront experience made him the only choice for Buddy.

Rock Solomon plays Diver Doug, a modern day Tarzan who living he earns from the sea (and selling weed) on Dive Shop The Show



A modern day Tarzan, Doug is as far off the grid as one can get. He lives in the mangroves and survives from a living he earns from the sea (and selling weed). He can often be seen pedaling his bicycle along the waterfront wearing his trademark palm frond hat. Rock is a national jazz entertainer and actor with stage and screen credits.

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