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Dive Shop cast and crew out on the water
Dive Shop underwater photography
Dive Shop filming at Lost Reef Adventures


Slip on your ratty flip flops

and experience Key West with

the eclectic crew of Dive Shop.

Centering around day to day life at Lost Reef Adventures, one of the island’s oldest dive shops, the show pokes fun at stereotypes by illuminating our differences and then, in a brighter light, our commonalities.

In short order you will become emotionally connected to its quirky characters, the island lifestyle they lead, and the idea that you should quit your job and head south!

Half sitcom, half soap opera, Dive Shop will have you laughing and dying to know what happens next. Authenticity is lent to the script’s tone by the fact that most of the characters are based on real people who have worked at, or passed through the shop. And some of the whacky sh*t that happens – really happened!

More about Lost Reef Adventures — the “real” Dive Shop.

Filming a scene for Dive Shop on location in Key West
Lost Reef Adventures, the "real" dive shop of Dive Shop The Show
Dive Shop The Show filming on the water off of Key West
Filming begins for Dive Shop The Show's pilot at Lost Reef Adventures Dive Shop in Key West, Florida
 Script read-through for the cast of Dive Shop The Show



WARNING: Watching this show may lead to Keys disease!

The show’s creator, Rich Vaughn and videographer, Tom Jackson met at Lost Reef Adventures 25 years ago and have collaborated on several projects since. Their fondness for the shop, and the long list of salty characters who helped shape it, inspired them to preserve a glimpse of bona fide Key West living for posterity.

Be A Part Of Key West History

While shooting on Key West is cinematic heaven for any filmmaker it’s also expensive! To help ease production costs we will feature you, or your home, or boat, or dog in one or more episodes.

Of course we also welcome commercial sponsorship but thought why not come up with a fun, creative way to include the average Key Wester, or fan of Key West (you can appear remotely). This way you can be a part of the art you’re supporting and we can enrich the show!

And if you’re the shy type and just want to make a donation, that’s cool too. Either way, please check out our Sponsorships for the role that’s right for you.

Angel investors are also welcome!

The cast of Dive Shop The Show films a bar scene in “The Bottle Cap” on location in Key West
Rich vaugh, the shows producer hanging out with the cast and crew members of Dive Shop The Show.
Dive Shop The Show filming at “The Bottle Cap” in Key West, FL
Prepping for filming a scene of Dave Shop The Show
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